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Storm Trooper Air Walker Balloon (6ft)


Note: Isle of Wight orders Only


Massive life size Storm trooper Air walker Balloon stands at a whooping 6ft!


NOTE: Airwalker balloons are not a stock item so please pre-order. We can get them within 24 hours

Storm Trooper Air Walker Balloon (6ft)​​​​​​​

  • Foil balloons do not like direct sunlight or heat so please avoid placing your balloon in either location. Foil Balloons generally last 7/10 days (sometimes longer) If your balloon starts deflating and you want it to last longer they can be puffed up with a little air by placing a straw in the valve located where the ribbon is tied.

    Please dispose of your balloon sensibly and DO NOT let it go into the sky! DO NOT inhale helium as this can be very dangerous!