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Classic white frame

Full Floral


Silver bling

* The Magical Mirror is an exciting new concept! It is a large free standing 'very  sophisticated' normal  mirror to the eye!


* The Magical Mirror is a  unique photo booth (without the booth!) concealed behind a very clever touch screen mirror.


Imagine the scenario?.....


Ladies: Your at a Wedding, Prom, Ladies Night or just a rather posh do....wearing a gorgeous dress, hair all perfect, make-up looking spot on and you're feeling kinda special!


Gents: Looking rather dapper, best suit on, tie, maybe a dickie bow even! You find a mirror and check yourselves out, you find a good selfie pose then 'flash' the mirror has captured this perfect full length picture and prints it out for you to keep.


Bride & Groom: Ok, you've had your gorgeous photo's taken now it's time to let your hair down in front of The Magical Mirror! You can even have your very own photo album of all your guests 'poses' with special messages to take home the same night! (optional extra)




Party: You're at a party and feel a group selfie coming on!! (we all have this moment!) Grab your mates, put silly wigs on, funny hats, grab a prop be who you want to be and who you want to be with and let the mirror capture these funny memories realtime and better still full length not just your heads! Jump on your mates back, do the splits, have a bundle the mirror will capture it all!

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